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Heavy Metals Analysis

Metalyser® Portable HM1000

Metalyser® Portable HM1000

A lightweight portable heavy metals analysis system, offering accessories and consumables for up to ten possible parameters in a single waterproof hard-shell carry case. The intelligent handheld unit can calculate results from a single-point standard addition with ease, offering an inexpensive yet powerful screening tool for the field.
  • AsArsenic
  • CdCadmium
  • CrChromium
  • CuCopper
  • HgMercury
  • MnManganese
  • NiNickel
  • PbLead
  • ZnZinc


Trace2o collect the Royal Seal of Approval

On the 7th of June, Wagtech Projects and Trace2o CEO, Neil Durham and Managing Director, Chris Stapleton attended Buckingham Palace to receive our Queen’s award for International Trade.
Trace2o sell to over 56 countries , with overseas sales growing by 265% over the past 5 years. 


  • HM5000 perfect for government health laboratories

    If you are tired of using excessive chemicals and gases for trace metals analysis, then the Trace2o HM5000 Metalyser Benchtop is for you! This is because with the HM5000 Metalyser Benchtop there are no chemicals used for sample preparation, the setup is so easy with no gas connections compared to other instruments used for the same analysis, therefore making it…

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  • HM2000 facilitates complex R&D project

    In our R&D project developing a waste processing process, we needed to make sure our waste water did not contain significant amounts of heavy metals, and the only way of doing that was via frequent analysis of the water. At first I was sending samples for external analysis, but that was both expensive and time consuming, also, sometimes I needed a quick answer.

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