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Heavy Metals Analysis

In recent years, there has been an increasing global public health concern associated with environmental contamination by toxic heavy metals. Human exposure has risen dramatically as a result of their use in several industrial, agricultural and technological applications. Environmental pollution is very prominent in areas where mining, foundries, smelters and other metal-based industrial operations are located. Toxic heavy metals and metalloids, such as arsenic, cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead and thallium, are toxic to humans even at very low concentrations. Metals are known to bioaccumulate in the food chain, particularly in fish and other aquatic life. The impact on human health of toxic heavy metals cannot be understated. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity can be incredibly wide-ranging, affecting virtually all organ systems, in addition to a range of cold and flu-like symptoms. The long-term effects of toxic metal exposure include permanent brain damage, disability or death.


To comply with their legal and ethical responsibilities to protect the population and the environment, companies must carefully monitor their effluent discharges to ensure that contamination remains within safe levels. Unfortunately, with the expense and time delays of laboratory analysis, speedy results and prompt responses remain a huge challenge to industry. Trace2o® has developed the patented Metalyser® range of products to meet the urgent need for an affordable, portable solution for low-level heavy metal screening in the field.

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