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Microbiological Analysis

Whether deep in the bush in Africa, or in the midst of the urban jungle of global cities, clean water is the most fundamental of human needs. Poverty, war and natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis have shown us that even in the 21st century, contaminated water can affect any one of us.


Governments, charities and NGOs must be fully prepared for the challenges of water quality analysis, both in the case of routine monitoring, and in rapid response disaster relief. It is vital to test for the full scope of water quality indicators, including physical, chemical, and biological parameters. The AquaSafe® range of water safety laboratories offers a selection of comprehensive kits, for field analysis of the full spectrum of water quality parameters. Microbiological testing is accomplished using the membrane filtration technique, with our efficient low power incubators, offering a full range of incubation temperatures and durations, complete with innovative PetriLok® technology for easier handling of petri dishes. Physico-chemical testing is incorporated, with our range of HydroTest, HydroCheck and HydroLite instruments, ensuring that the full range of environmental indicators can be verified for optimum water safety. Every AquaSafe® kit includes 250 sets of reagents and consumables for all testable parameters, ensuring that the full kit is ready for use straight out of the box.

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