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Blantyre Water Board , Malawi


Sep 2018

Blantyre water board are responsible for the quality of potable and waste water in the Blantyre city area. They compliment the other water boards in Malawi , which includes the Lilongwe water board, central water board, northern and southern water boards .

Neil Durham the British CEO of Wagtech and Trace2o witnessed first-hand , the fact that Blantyre central laboratory was unable to test for heavy metals, since their atomic absorption spectrophotometer was lying idle due a lack of spare parts, accessories, calibration solutions and reagents etc

Mr Joseph Chimeda , Head Of Lab services was delighted to have demonstrated to his team of Lab technicians , a Trace2o HM 1000 Metalyser . Analysing a range of heavy metals right down to ppb levels both in the laboratory and in the field , the Metalyser was considered an excellent alternative to the high costs of procuring , running and servicing an atomic absorption spectrophotometer.

In addition the Aquasafe range of portable water testing laboratories were highlighted. Great interest was shown in the ability to analyse both faecal and total coliforms simultaneously , in the lab and in the field , and addition to a range of physico-chemical parameters .

The recent set up of Wagtech ( Malawi ) Ltd was welcomed since this offers a complete after sales service , including the provision of hardware , reagents and consumables direct from their local stock in Lilongwe .





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