Hydrocheck HC1000
  • Hydrocheck HC1000

    A portable, rugged IP67 multi-parameter electrochemical instrument for fast, accurate determination of pH, temperature, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solids, salinity, and oxidation/reduction potential. The waterproof (IP67) housing is ergonomically designed and ruggedised for field use, with an acid-resistant enclosure and a rigid, protected LCD display screen. The individual industrial-quality submersible sensors, with waterproof connectors, are mountable in multi-sensor sonde housing for ease of handling. The housing includes a 3 metre cable as standard, optionally extendable to 15 metres. The entire solution is housed in a waterproof carry case, inclusive of meter, electrodes, accessories and calibration solutions, offering a fully field-ready kit for portable electrochemical water quality monitoring.


    • Rugged IP67 rated housing
    • Industrial grade sensors
    • Backlit LCD screen
    • Automatic temperature compensation
    • USB communication interface
    • 500 data set memory with real time date/time stamp
    • Capable of accurate ISE measurement with the addition of a Trace2o® ISE probe