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Dual incubator AquaSafe WSL50 Pro

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Product Overview

aquasafe imageThe AquaSafe Water Safety Laboratory WSL50 Pro represents the evolution of the next generation of portable water safety laboratories. The lightweight kit has been optimised for field use. Microbiological testing has been revolutionised with our high-capacity dual incubator incorporating PetriLok® technology for simplified sample handling. The novel lightweight hard anodised aluminium membrane filtration unit offers a screw-in multi-position funnel for ease of sterilisation.

Dual chamber incubator
The lightweight dual chamber incubator is extremely space-efficient, with a single control panel to operate both chambers. The incubator incorporates Trace2o®‘s innovative PetriLok® cartridge technology, enabling a variable stack of petri dishes to be handled with ease. Independent temperature controls for each chamber allow simultaneous incubation for both total and faecal coliforms, as well as a variety of other standard microbiological parameters. Each chamber features an separate built-in timer and can run entirely independently if required.

The incubation system is powered by a high-performance removable 170W durable rechargeable battery pack, which is built into the case, with mains and vehicle charging capacity. The waterproof case incorporates our unique incubator docking station, for enhanced portability. The AquaSafe WSL50 Pro includes the waterproof (IP68) HydroCheck HC1000 multi-parameter meter, and waterproof (IP68) HydroTest HT1000 photometer, as well as equipment for arsenic testing. All necessary equipment is neatly housed in one easily transportable waterproof case with wheels, for efficient field sampling.


AquaSafe WSL50 Pro - Dual incubator

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