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Accessories HMUV1825 UV Digester

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Product Overview

hmuv1825Surface and ground water can contain complex organic compounds, originating from vegetation, animals, biological effluents, soils etc. These organic compounds bond with metal ions, rendering them electrochemically inactive, and thus the metal cannot be detected using a Metalyser® instrument.

The HMUV1825 UV Digester uses dual-wavelength UV light to break down and denature the organic compounds, releasing the heavy metal ions into solution for subsequent detection using a Metalyser® instrument.

The digester uses easy-clean Tygon tubing, and incorporates a programmable countdown timer with audible alarm system, permitting variable length digestion procedures. Sample volumes can be varied between 50mL and 250mL depending on the requirements of the user. The operation can be verified using the convenient UV-protected inspection window. The lamp is user-replaceable, and the lamp housing incorporates a safety interlock switch to assist in protecting users from damaging UV light.

The compact unit, comprising integrated peristaltic sampling pump, UV lamp with inspection window, and built-in countdown timer, is all housed in a waterproof carry case. The portable version, the HMUV1825P, utilises a companion portable power pack that provides a 240V AC 30W supply, housed in a waterproof enclosure, allowing easy use for digestion requirements in the field.


HMUV1825 UV Digester - Accessories

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