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HM2000 facilitates complex R&D project

“In our R&D project developing a waste processing process, we needed to make sure our waste water did not contain significant amounts of heavy metals, and the only way of doing that was via frequent analysis of the water. At first I was sending samples for external analysis, but that was both expensive and time consuming, also, sometimes I needed a quick answer.

The Metalyser Deluxe HM2000 was the perfect solution. Although designed for detecting very low concentrations of metals in apparently clean water, it could handle our waste water with no problem, only requiring sometimes some dilution. I have found it to be reliable, accurate, and robust with just a bit of maintenance and common sense. Also, it can be easily stored way in two small cases when I’m not using it, and as easily taken outdoors for field measurements.

The Metalyser Deluxe HM2000 is also very easy to use; that can be mastered after the few hours’ training that Trace2o provides, and any further questions or doubts were always quickly answered by Trace2o afterwards. We’re very happy with the product and the service provided”.

Dr Peter Bartl
Senior Chemical Design Engineer
Pyropure Ltd


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