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HM5000 perfect for government health laboratories

“If you are tired of using excessive chemicals and gases for trace metals analysis, then the Trace2o HM5000 Metalyser Benchtop is for you!

This is because with the HM5000 Metalyser Benchtop there are no chemicals used for sample preparation, the setup is so easy with no gas connections compared to other instruments used for the same analysis, therefore making it very cost-effective. The HM5000 is the ideal instrument for a busy laboratory like ours, where we handle more than 3,000 water samples per annum .There is no sample preparation needed and you get your results within minutes! The Metaware software is user friendly and gives you full control, even allowing you to develop your own methods; what flexibility!
Being a national laboratory charged with public health, having an instrument like the HM5000 is a blessing. One of our major functions is to monitor foods for infants and young children, where trace metal analysis is a must, therefore we sorely depend on the HM5000 Metalyser Benchtop. The instrument is designed for water analysis, but it can be easily customised to handle other sample matrices. In the National Food Control Laboratory we are using it for both water and food analysis, and it has made our life so much easier. We are currently in the process of procuring a Trace2o UV digester as we now have the confidence that it would be as good as the HM5000!

The instrument can be operated away from chemicals and spills, as it has wireless connectivity. It is light in weight and portable. Installation is easy, with no cables or tubing.
The Trace2o Metalyser HM5000 is easy and inexpensive to use, I would therefore not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who needs to carry out heavy metals analysis in the laboratory.”

Goitsemang Peters
National Food Control Laboratory


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