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Trace2o and Holland Water in New Partnership

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Holland Water and Trace2O sign production agreement around unique sensor

Leading provider of water safety solutions, Holland Water, has granted the exclusive contract for the production of their Silco® Sensor to Trace2O, a major manufacturer of high-tech monitoring systems. James Gardiner of Holland Water and Trace2O’s Managing Director, Geoff Douglas, signed the production agreement on the first day of the Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 event.

The Silco® Sensor complements Holland Water’s Bifipro® system, in that it measures the ever-fluctuating concentration levels of copper and silver ions present in circulating water systems such as cooling towers and storage tanks.

The Bifipro® system, based on the copper and silver ionisation technology, is the most effective and reliable method to counter the development of biofilm and harmful bacteria such as Legionella in the drinking water supply of hospitals, care facilities, apartment blocks, hotels, yachts, and airports and is currently installed at over 700 locations in Europe and the Middle East.

The concentration levels of copper and silver ions in water that recirculates within a cooling tower or storage tank, as opposed to single-use drinking water, are subject to constant change. These fluctuations necessitate constant monitoring of the concentration levels, and subsequently, regular calibration of the dosage of copper and silver ions by the Bifipro® system. The Silco® Sensor provides this vital monitoring and turns the Bifipro® into an excellent water safety solution for cooling towers and storage tanks.

Holland Water’s Managing Director, Leo de Zeeuw, commented: “We developed the rather nifty Silco® Sensor to monitor the exact dosage the Bifipro® system should release into the water of cooling towers and storage tanks. The sensor was the final link in our all-round package and we are pleased to offer copper and silver ionisation as the effective, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative for managing biofilm and Legionella in cooling tower systems.”

He added: “We’re thrilled that Trace2O will be producing the Silco® Sensor on our behalf. They are top of the class in their field and aspire to the same quality standards as Holland Water.”

Trace2O’s Managing Director, Geoff Douglas, commented: “We’re specialised in the development and production of sophisticated technological solutions for monitoring the quality of soil and water, and the opportunity of producing the innovative Silco® Sensor adds another string to our bow. We are grateful for the trust Holland Water has placed in Trace2O.”

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