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At Trace2o® we place great importance on the technical advice, training
and support we give to both our existing and prospective customers.


Whatever your requirements are in the field of heavy metals analysis, water quality testing, or general environmental monitoring, we can provide expert advice from our team of

in-house specialists.


These resources are augmented by our extensive contacts with universities and research institutes globally.


Technical sales advice is always available from the point of initial enquiry, to advise on the best equipment for the required application, from compact field testing kits to laboratory-installed instrumentation. We can provide comprehensive guidance on the selection of appropriate accessories and consumables for your application.


Extensive training on our full range of instruments is always available, from online training sessions delivered remotely by our team, to one-to-one training offered either at our local offices worldwide, or on site at your location to include your full team.

After-sales support, including a comprehensive technical support and instrument service/repair provision, is provided by our team of acknowledged expert scientists and engineers working globally.

In addition to technical support from Trace2o® experts, we have an extensive network around the world of local Trace2o® subsidiaries and representatives who have also received training in our full range of products and can offer truly local support for all of your technical requirements.

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