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AquaCheck AC2000
  • AquaCheck AC2000

    Essential water quality parameters such as pH, conductivity, TDS, dissolved oxygen and ORP are evaluated to assess water, in terms of suitability for human consumption and to determine wastewater treatment efficiency. Water samples collected for the purpose of quality testing become unstable when removed from source, which means rapid testing is essential for accuracy. On site testing therefore boasts advantages over main laboratory tests where timing is crucial. The solution to this is fully portable and adaptable instruments that return results comparable with laboratory methods, that Environmental engineers can rely on. The AquaCheck Multiparameter Water Quality meter is a high-quality modern test instrument that is intuitive to use, and with a wide range of traditional and ISE sensors available, means the AC2000 has the versatility to suit your testing requirements.


    • Large colour graphic LCD screen with backlight

    • Built-in foldable meter stand

    • IP67 waterproof and dustproof

    • Battery and USB Powered

    • Eco - friendly, shockproof, scratch resistant and non-slip

    • Built-in sensor holders

    Efficient sensor locking mechanism

    • Sensors LED light as reading stability indicator

    • Ergonomic design

    • Rugged carrying case

    • Multi language options

    • Simultaneous calibrations and measurements

    • Data transfer via USB or wireless communication

    • Multiple sensor combinations can run in unison


    Download the brochure here; 

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