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  • AquaFlex

    This flexible microbiological testing kit uses both petri dishes and dip slides so a wider range of organisms can be detected. Small enough to use in the field and accurate enough to work in a laboratory environment, this system gives ease of use to any testing program. The integrated Flexi-Frame can be used to incubate dishes from a membrane filtration test, agar plates or even dip slides, all at the same time. 


    • Small but spacious incubator chamber for multiple samples
    • Simple programmability using soft keys to ensure maximum control of your test
    • Flexi-Frame allows simultaneous testing of dishes and slides giving a wider biological reach in a shorter timescale
    • Rugged Aquaflex Transit Power Pack (TPP) available as an option giving portability  into any environment, independent from the laboratory
    • Fan assisted heating elements ensure an even temperature throughout the chamber
    • Complete with vacuum filtration unit, 50 aluminium petri-dishes and sufficient consumables for 300 coliform tests using the membrane filtration method
    • A single rugged carry case provided as standard (Excludes TPP)


    Aquaflex- WT10-400

    Transit Power Pack- WT10-410

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