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Aquasafe WSL25 Premium

Aquasafe WSL25 Premium

The Aquasafe® WSL25 Premium are advanced portable water testing laboratories offering physicochemical and microbiological testing.

The AquaSafe® range is designed to give outstanding accurate results on a broad range of microbiological and physicochemical parameters, where the need for broader, more complicated, electrochemical testing is not required.


The AquaSafe® Premium kits comprise the unique AquaSafe® digital microbiological incubator unit, capable of processing up to 25 samples per chamber; totalling 25 for the WSL25 Premium and  In addition, an accurate,rugged portable photometer with over 40 different parameters and robust pocket pH and conductivity meters are included in a single case. The user can achieve rapid results
at the water source, without the need to transport samples to a central laboratory.

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