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  • HydroKits

    Multiple kits are an expensive and cumbersome way to test for multiple parameters in the field. The HydroKit range is designed to give a user flexibility to choose the best possible kit for purpose, from simple digital measurement to a wider range of more complex and accurate testing. All HydroKits come complete in a rugged waterproof case to ensure the safety and protection of the instruments inside.


    HYDROKIT HK1000 - WT13-500

    The most simple of the HydroKit range offers basic water quality analysis using the pocket meters for both pH and conductivity/TDS, along with a high quality comparator block with colour wheels and reagents for ammonia, chlorine (residual and total), nitrate and nitrite. The kit also includes a 2-part Jackson turbidity tube with threaded locking for one-handed operation.


    HYDROKIT HK2000- WT13-600

    A mid range water quality analysis kit including 2 separate pocket meters for pH and conductivity from the HydroLite range, and a quality multi-parameter photometer (HT1000) for a broad range of chemical tests and turbidity. The waterproof carry case also contains reagent for ammonia, chlorine (residual and total), nitrate and also calibration buffers for the pocket meters.


    HYDROKIT HK3000- WT13-700

    This high level physico-chemical kit includes both a multi-parameter photometer and multi-parameter electrochemistry meter to give enhanced accuracy in all areas of water quality testing. The kit also includes a dedicated turbidity meter for high accuracy testing in NTU and a rapid visual system for the testing of total Arsenic. A comprehensive kit for a complete field testing programme. 


    HYDROKIT HK5000- WT13-800

    A rapid and highly accurate trace heavy metals analyser measuring to ppb levels in the field is added to the HydroKit Pro 3000 to create this complete kit.



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