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Maji Systems
  • Maji Systems

    Wagtech Projects -Trace2o offer an impressive range of single and multi-parameter water quality testing instruments, suitable for a range of requirements, from portable testing to long-term deployment. The Maji Systems cater for all budgets and are an ideal choice for those that want to step up their monitoring practices and are concerned with water quality.



    The Maji-Lite is a portable single-parameter meter which has the ability to measure any one of 8 common parameters. The accompanying electrodes are fully interchangeable making the  Maji-Lite highly versatile. The sensor is housed in a rugged and pocket-sized aluminium body meaning it is an ideal solution for measuring water quality in the field. The socket can house any of the 8 optical electrodes, which are:

    • Turbidity
    • Chlorophyll
    • Blue Green Algae (fresh water)
    • Blue Green Algae (salt water)
    • Rhodamine
    • Fluorescein
    • Refined Oil (hydrocarbons)


    The Maji Probes are portable units for 
    on-the-spot measurements of water quality 
    and depth. All probes are constructed from tough marine grade aluminium that has 
    been hard anodised, making them suitable 
    for use in both fresh and salt waters.

    They consist of an aluminium probe, 3m cable and 
    a hand-held Maji-Meter. If longer cable lengths are required, please contact us. To carry out water quality analysis the probe is simply lowered into the water and the results are displayed on the hand-held device. The meter has inbuilt GPS to record the exact location in which the results were taken and has the capacity to store over 1000 data sets.

    Key features and benefits:

    • Wide range of water quality parameters
    • Easy calibration
    • Easy calibration
    • Built-in GPS
    • Ability to incorporate ISE and Optical electrode testing simultaneously
    • Robust marine grade aluminium
    • P68 waterproof


    The Maji-500 measures the standard parameters except Water Level – instead it includes Turbidity, making it a water quality-only probe. It does not have the capability of adding additional parameters, unlike the Maji-1000 and above.



    The Maji-1000 is the smaller of our multi-parameter probes which allow additional electrodes to be added. It comes with the 10 standard Maji parameters included and offers the ability to add 1 ISE and 1 Optical electrode of your choice. This means 12 parameters can be measured simultaneously. Just like all of our other portable Maji Probes, it is supplied as a package meaning you have everything you need to start testing.



    The Maji-2000 builds on the Maji-1000 by offering the ability to add up to 4 additional electrodes, while still including all 10 standard Maji parameters. Unlike the Maji-1000, these sockets are unrestricted, meaning they can house either ISE or optical electrodes. In total 14 parameters can be measured simultaneously.



    The Maji-3000 is our largest and most advanced          multi-parameter probe which comes with the 10 standard Maji parameters included, and offers the     ability to add up to 6 unrestricted electrodes. This makes the probe capable of measuring up to 16 individual parameters simultaneously, resulting in a powerful water quality monitoring device.



    The Maji-Sonde is an all-in-one multi-parameter device, which features built-in data logging, internal power and a sensor cleaning system. This means it is ideal for discrete long term deployment, using only a Kevlar deployment cord without the need for cables or auxiliary equipment at ground level. The Maji-Sonde measures the 10 standard parameters and has the ability to add up to 6 unrestricted additional electrodes. The internal lithium-ion batteries used in the Maji-Sonde are able to provide up to 180 days of continuous logging, and the internal memory has the ability to store up to 150,000 full data sets. Whenever you need to retrieve your water quality data, simply pull the Maji-Sonde out from the water and connect to a PC. Logging regimes are configured using the PC/laptop software included. 




    The Maji-Stat is an all-in-one fixed site monitoring system with the ability to monitor up to 16 parameters simultaneously. It is an ideal solution for continuous monitoring of boreholes, rivers and dams. The system uses a self-cleaning Maji-3000 probe permanently fixed in the water course by a 10m cable for continuous logging with minimal maintenance. Also included is a solar-powered data hub with battery, a data telemetry system and one-year access to our online data management hub. This results in a fully self-sustaining system where data is automatically collected, recorded, transmitted and displayed online with no human interaction. Existing infrastructure can be used to house the data hub, probe and solar panel or Wagtech Projects  - Trace2o can provide bespoke solutions tailored to the specific location. Full installation, commissioning and training is available upon request.

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