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Metalyser Range
  • Metalyser Range

    The Metalyser® range of portable trace metal analysers has been developed to enable rapid, accurate and easy-to-use heavy metal determination in the field or in the lab. Whether it's an expert laboratory scientist looking for a low-cost alternative to AAS, or a busy environmental technician with a heavy workload. Developed to address the troubling rise in public health concerns associated with heavy metal contamination, the patented Metalyser® technology offers rapid, accurate analysis of over 20 metal species at detection limits below 1 ppb, with virtually no sample preparation. A compact, lightweight kit provides all the tools for laboratory quality analysis, at a fraction of the price. The portable range utilises IP68-rated waterproof and dustproof rugged instrumentation, built for field applications and packaged with all necessary accessories and a starter pack of consumables, in a hard-shell waterproof carrying case. The laboratory instruments are designed for ease of use coupled with high levels of accuracy and precision, offering a powerful addition to environmental testing laboratory installations.




    The Metalyser® instrument uses an electrochemical analysis technique called anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV), which was first developed in 1922. This relies on metals having an electrode potential at which they can be reduced or oxidised, known as the redox potential. On applying a voltage that is more negative than the redox potential, the positively charged metal ions will be reduced at the working electrode and deposit onto the surface. The voltage is then increased positively, causing the accumulated metal to be oxidised. When the oxidation reaction occurs, electrons flow through the solution, causing a current surge in the cell that can be measured; the current is directly proportional to concentration. The Metalyser® uses a three-electrode cell, comprising of a working electrode (normally glassy carbon) where the reaction takes place, a platinum counter electrode which completes the circuit, and a miniaturised Ag/AgCl reference electrode to measure the cell voltage. These electrodes are mounted within the patented submersible sonde, which also includes a stirrer and temperature sensor. The handheld unit comprises potentiostat, data processing and control circuitry, as well as software. 




    An economy level trace heavy metals analyser, offering a total of 10 different parameters down to 3ppb, with completely automated analysis and interpretation on the powerful handheld unit. Available parameters 
    As (III), As (III + V), Cd, Cr (VI) Cu, Hg, Mn, Ni, Pb, Zn


    ​​​​​​HM2000 METALYSER® DELUXE

    A multi-technology instrument, offering electrochemical and photometric techniques to enable testing of a wider range of 13 parameters at a wide spectrum of detection limits. Available parameters 
    Al, As (III), As (III + V), B, Cd, Cr (VI) Cu, Fe, Hg, Mn, Ni, Pb, Zn




    An advanced trace heavy metals analyser, with integrated waterproof tablet PC and powerful bespoke software, both of which enable the user to analyse our widest range of metals, at detection limits as low as 0.1ppb. Available parameters 
    Au, As (III), As (III + V), Bi, Cd, Co, Cr (VI) Cu, Hg, Mn, Ni, Pb, Sb, Sn, Tl, Zn




    A benchtop laboratory potentiostat and voltammetric analysis system, utilising powerful software and an innovative nitrogen purging system, to enable low-cost research-level electrochemical analysis.




    A lightweight, portable metals photometer for fast, easy field analysis of 7 common metals and metalloids. With laboratory-quality optics and a user-friendly reagent system, the Metalometer® is a powerful tool both coupled with a Metalyser®, or as a standalone instrument.



    Specifically designed for heavy metals analysis in soils, the HM4000 incorporates an innovative digestion system to simulate the release of bioavailable heavy metal contamination, providing a powerful tool for a wide range of soil and sediment applications. Available parameters 
    As (III + V), Cd, Cu, Hg, Pb, Zn




    The ideal companion to a laboratory Metalyser®, the Laboratory Soils Extraction Kit provides the full suite of digestion equipment and consumables, enabling soil analysis to be carried out in the lab using the existing capabilities of the Metalyser® Benchtop instruments.




    Compatible with any existing portable Metalyser® product, the Portable Soils Extraction Kit adds digestion capability, allowing easy integration of soils analysis to an environmental monitoring programme using familiar, proven technology.​​​​​​

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