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Pooltester Block
  • Pooltester Block

    When fast and easy testing of chlorine or pH levels is required, nothing could be easier than a simple pooltester method using the DPD or phenol red tablet system. 


    High quality rugged block with dual chamber chlorine/pH measurement


    • Easy integrated colour comparison chart
    • Chlorine chamber able to measure both residual (free) and total chlorine
    • Uses standard DPD1 and 3 tablets for chlorine testing and phenol red for pH testing
    • Provided in a case to avoid damage during transport and use
    • Provided with 30 tablets each of DPD1, DPD3 and phenol red


    Free and total chlorine combined pack (300 tests)- WT11-118

    pH (300 tests) - WT11-188

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