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Weather and Climate Monitoring

Trace2o have a ever growing portfolio of Weather and Climate Monitoring solutions.

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Tracemet Automatic Weather Stations

TraceMet is a range of Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) that have been carefully designed for the collection of accurate and reliable data on atmospheric, soil, plant and surface water conditions. With a choice of 6 models, there is a weather station for every situation. Whether you need an entry-level system for just meteorological parameters,     or a premium AWS for measuring agrometeorological conditions, there is a model for you. Each system has been created to be fully self-sufficient in order to minimise the amount of physical interaction needed after installation and commissioning. This has been achieved by the integration of our unique TraceLogger for data collection and transmission, an 18Ah battery with protective heat shield and a 30W solar charging system. While standard models have been created for measuring the most common parameters, bespoke systems are also available for more specific requirements. Please contact us 
if you require a custom solution and we will work with you to create an AWS tailored 
to your needs. As well as supplying high-quality hardware, we also provide our own TraceMet software for visualising your data and managing your network. Full installation, commissioning and training (ICT) of these systems is available through our global network of trained engineers.

Tracemet Auto Weather Stations

Hydromet Solutions 

Our mission at Wagtech Projects and Trace2o is to develop, manufacture and supply unique and innovative solutions to our customers. We aim 
to help communities become better prepared for hydromet hazards and provide support to Government agencies who want to enhance their networks. We provide turnkey solutions for our customers, which means we not only supply cutting-edge hardware, but also offer consultancy, system integration, installation, commissioning and comprehensive in-country training. This is possible through our global network of trained engineers based in our own offices or those of our agents and distribution partners. In addition to our expertise in hydromet services we also manufacture and supply: portable water quality kits, mobile laboratories, air quality monitoring solutions and 
a full range of agronomical equipment. 

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Mobile Laboratories

Wagtech have many years’ experience in creating bespoke mobile laboratories, which are ideal for situations where central fixed laboratory sites are either not available or not practical. We use many different brands and models of vehicles, from Land Rovers to Ford Rangers, to Toyota Hiluxs and Land Cruisers, so that we can find a solution that meets not only your budget, but also your exact requirements.

Mobile Laboratories
Metalyser Field Pro HM3000
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Aquasafe Management System / Software 

The AquaSafe Management Software package (ASMS) is an essential tool for recording water quality data in the field. Comprising of  both a mobile App and computer dashboard, it can be used in conjunction with Wagtech Projects and Trace2o’s wide range of portable water testing kits or existing legacy instruments. For convenience, the ASMS mobile App enables an agent to digitally enter and record microbiological and physico-chemical test results, including WHO Sanitary Surveys. This data is uploaded to a cloud-based server, where it can be accessed via the ASMS online dashboard  anywhere in the world. Here the wealth of results can be visualised, analysed and managed to give full traceability and ensure regulatory compliance. Choose from either the Standard or Advance dashboard.


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